Richard Kussman

Rich with his Goodling built rifle

"Sid built the rifle I used to win the Wimbledon Cup for any rifle with any sights at 1000 yards in 2010 at Camp Perry. The rifle used is a Winchester M70 with a Krieger barrel and Jewel trigger in a McMillan stock, chambered for the .280 Ackley Improved. This rifle is an absolute hammer! Every shot goes right on call. This is my first Goodling rifle but it will not be my last."


The Wimbledon Cup is one of the oldest trophies awarded by the NRA at the National Long Range Championships. It was first presented in 1875 to the American rifle team attending the British matches at Wimbledon by Princess Louise on behalf of the riflemen of Great Britian. Since that time the Cup has been awarded in annual competition for a long range match open to any rifle.


Receiving award


Carl Baker

Carl Baker holding the Heavy Varmint rifle built by Goodling Rifles with which he set two of his Three IBS records.

"Sid has been my gunsmith since 1992, I have set 3 IBS records with VFS rifles he has built for me Including the current 100yd HV record and a LV record. Before that I won a number of matches with Var Hunter and Hunter rifles built for me by Sid and my Stepson Chris won the IBS nationals at Salisbury Md with my Var Htr rifle Sid built.

In my estimation he builds the finest rifles available for benchrest competition. As evidenced by the accomplishments I have accumulated with them."

Carl Baker

Carls Records 100yd. 250-24x LV & 250-25x 19wo HV, 250 -10x 300yd. click on photo for better view.

5 wipeout Target from Carl's 100yd HV record, note it was the final target.


Dean Breeden

Dean Breeden at Bench with his Goodling built 30BR "Old Lightning"

"I had a very good year in 2005 winning The Bud Pryor, Pennsylvania States and the IBS Nationals just to name a couple of matches and finished it up by winning IBS Score Shooter of the year. My Goodling Built 30 BR is easily one of the finest Rifles I have ever owned. Sid has also built several other rifles I have and they are all excellent. "

Dean Breeden


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